Best Dog Bed Brands

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Which dog bed brands provide the best beds for your dogs needs?

​I can’t even recall a time when I didn’t have animals in my life. As a child we always had family pets, dogs, cats, birds and even at one time my brothers had 2 white rats. Later my own children grew up with pets in our home, small, medium and big dogs as well as a couple of cats. My daughter also had horses.

Even though in more recent years I may not have a dog myself I’ve still had them in my life. There are usually 6-8 other family dogs around.

When I plan on making an important purchase I usually like to check reviews. Often I look at the bio of the company that manufactures the product I’m looking to buy. Especially when it’s something that can affect comfort and safety.

Discover what your pet really needs

It’s also important when it can affect your pets, such as buying the right dog bed, finding the right vet, or other needs they may have.

While not all companies share much about their background and their values it doesn’t mean that they are a bad company. It also doesn’t mean that their products are of poor quality or that they can’t be trusted. In situations like this sometimes we just go by the buyer feedback.

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The feedback of those that have already purchased the product can be most helpful when checking the pros and cons of a product.

Always keep in mind that the price of dog beds will vary depending not only on the brand but also on the size of bed.

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Big Barker Beds

XL Jumbo size DogWhen you come across a bio like that of the Big Barker company it’s somewhat comforting. I have to say from what I have learned the Big Barker company did impress me. It probably will for you too, especially if you have a larger dog with Arthritis or hip dysplasia.

The company is US based. The story begins when the owner, then a young man had a large dog with an early case of hip dysplasia. He knew he needed to do everything possible to keep stress off his dogs hips. And among other things to keep the dogs weight down.

His big dog needed more than just a normal dog bed!”In a bid to save the dog from surgery he became very proactive in finding an alternative solution.

After spending countless dollars buying beds that either didn’t provide adequate support for Bull’s 150-pound frame, or that quickly began to go soft and sag he decided that the solution was to build something that would.

Getting feedback first
  • After getting feedback from so many big dog owners it was evident that what the market was really crying out for was… A superior dog bed made to serve the special support needs of big dogs!
  • He contacted one of America’s most talented foam engineers told him of his dogs health issues and his desire to build a “dream” doggie bed, with the engineer to help so it came about.
  • These beds have a 5 star rated bed
  • This company make it their business to give back in a big way to big dogs across America.

They gift Big Barkers to dogs who serve their country and communities with bravery and valor; dogs who give strength and companionship to wounded veterans. And dogs who need a speedy recovery after a stressful surgery, also dogs in desperate need of their forever home.

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Big Barker top selling bed for jumbo sized dogs.

Pet Fusion Beds

two large dogsPetFusion is another ethical company that contributes to animal welfare which I believe makes us as the buyer happy that in some way when we purchase from these type of companies we are helping.

PetFusion was founded in 2010 the company wanted to provide three things that were missing from pet owners lives:

  • They wanted designs that seamlessly blend into the home without ever compromising their functionality.
  • To have an exceptional level of quality in both product materials and construction
  • yet to have them at an affordable price while still doing both of the above

This is from Pet Fusion’s mission in their own words: It took nights and weekends while we had day jobs and families, but over the past 5 years, with a lot of hard work, patience, and creativity, we’ve created numerous best selling products that are true to our vision. Our mission continues to follow this course as we selectively expand our offerings to meet customer needs.

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Pet Fusion best selling dog bed

Friends Forever Brand

small dogFriends Forever are an Amazon-based home and bedding goods brand that also provide a good selection of pet accessories including their popular dog beds. They boast a dedicated and creative internal design team.

Building a stylish home for you and your family should not be costly. Of course for many people today a part of your family is your pet and with a pet you also needs pet supplies.

What they say:

  • they are continually introducing new products to suit the latest trends and your fashion tastes,
  • are constantly listening to your voice to introduce the products that best fit you.
  • Their goal is to create the perfect home for you. And your dog’s bed and other accessories are a part of your overall environment

Friends Forever carry a selection of dog furniture in other words dog bed and some accessories such as blanket pet throws. They have a wide selection of dog collars and leashes and plus a no pull harness.

There’s some neat and useful collapsible bowls ideal for those that like to camp, need them for outdoors in the yard or like to just hit the road and take their furry friend with them.

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Friends Forever top selling bed

Furhaven Pet Brand

small white dogFurhaven Pet Products was founded in 2004 they are a US based company with their headquarters being in Washington State.

Furhaven’s mission to bring snuggly and soft comfort to pets of all shapes and sizes at a price that families can afford. This is a family-based company with pets. They are able to pull from their own everyday experiences when it comes to creating beds that fit your dogs needs.

    • They have a real understanding of family pets from the messy pup, to the ones that needs a cozy cave to burrow into.
    • Also the needs of a playful cat.
    • As pet owners they strive to create beds that fit these functions.
    • they are always innovating and asking their pups and kitties for their opinions on their products.
    • With over 1,000 different styles, sizes, fabric combinations and colors, you are sure to find a pet bed fit for your personality and decor (no fashion faux paws!).
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Furhaven Top selling dog bed

Best Friends by Sheri

cute brown puppyIn 2006 Sherry Samani, a single mother of 3 boys. She founded Sentiments Inc, a company that at the time was intended to be one focused on creating home textiles. Those products (decorative pillows and table linens) for humans.

After two failed business partnerships and with a background as a home textiles designer she was inspired to start Sentiments on her own. Her desire is to bring high quality, fashion forward, home textiles products to the everyday consumer.

To provide them at affordable prices. This is something she’s applied to her selection of dog beds. When I think of Best Friends by Sheri, I think of cozy and comfortable. Especially for the smaller to medium sized pooch that likes to snuggle in its bed.

Like all good companies something happens to inspire them to create something meaningful and special. In 2009, Sherry found her pet Kudo sleeping on some of her fabric swatches.

Best Friends by Sheri brand was born.
  • Best Friends design and development headquarters is located in Southern California.
  • It was founded on the principles of bringing high quality, fashionable pet products that are affordable to the everyday pet parent.
  • Today, Sentiments is almost entirely a pet products company.
  • Hundreds of thousands of pets and their parents have been positively impacted by their products.

The best friends brand has kept the focus on pet beds. Choose from the lower end price range to the higher end luxury bed for those pet parents that want to splurge.

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Best Friends top selling dog bed by Sheri

Majestic Pet Beds

black brown and white dogBased in Irvine, CA, Majestic Pet Products, Inc. is a leading pet products manufacturer. Majestic’s roots date back to 1994 when they started producing dog collars and leashes and has since expanded their product line to include a variety of pet beds, cat trees, crates, gates and more.

The Majestic team includes some of the most talented product developers, graphic designers, customer satisfaction aficionados and marketing pros, all lead by a top notch management team

  • Majestics continuous development of modern and innovative products has garnered them a reputation of quality and excellence within the industry.
  • Majestic Pet mission is simple, it is to create quality products.
  • Products that offer great value and provide exceptional customer service, all while sharing in their success to support worthy causes.
  • Their promise to you is to continuously offer the finest products and customer service in order to keep you and most importantly, your pets happy.
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Majestic Pets top selling dog bed

Bully Beds Brand

bulldog wearing a top hatJoe Chanda is the owner of Bully Beds. The company is based in sunny Florida. This family company was developed in 2015 and even though Bully Beds is growing by leaps and bounds they are still a small, family owned and operated business.

The story behind Bully Beds is that the company was named in honor of Bull, a 150 pound Cane Corso mastiff. Bull sounds as if he was a really amazing dog. Joe had spent countless hours training Bull so well that he knew he could totally trust him. He could take Bull anywhere without a leash.

Joe and his wife knew that Bull was destined for a higher purpose so they had him certified as a therapy dog. We know that pets can be very comforting and help relieve stress so Joe, his wife and Bull would visit a local home for special needs adults and disabled veterans.

Bull connected with everyone he met, despite his massive size and intimidating appearance.

Bull began to experience apparent hip discomfort.

Bull’s vet had told them that a dog’s bed can have a significant impact on their ability to sleep and rest comfortably. The reason is that without sufficient support, the dogs joints come into contact with the hard surface under the bed.

They found the “high end” dog beds that they purchased and tried were overpriced and of low quality.

  • They couldn’t find what they wanted so they decided to make their own, and so Bully Beds came to be.
  • After much research and development for the right combination for the foam density they required they found a formula that worked
  • They found the right manufacturer, someone they could trust to consistently maintain their high standards of quality
  • Focused giving both value and a price that any dog owner could afford.
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Bully Beds top selling dog bed

​The Dogs Balls Beds

Big dogWhile I am not able to give much insight on the company itself I didn’t want to give them a miss as the product is showing to be a really good one. However, I can tell you something about their dog beds. Finding the perfect bed for your dog can get a little difficult.

  • They say it’s probably the world’s most comfortable dog bed and it seems many may agree with this statement.
  • In response to body heat and pressure their premium bed molds to your dog’s body evenly distributing their body weight, returning to its original shape once your dog leaves.
  • Elderly dogs and dogs with arthritis and other joint concerns need thick, supportive beds.
  • They should provide plenty of push back rather than sinking when the dog lies down.
  • For dogs prone to bladder leakage these beds are perfect as they’re waterproof and fully machine washable.
This is why I think the dog’s balls is worth a mention.

Pet owners often comment that it’s difficult to find a bed that’s not only big but thick as well so if that’s an issue for you may want to check The dogs balls beds. It helps in reducing and eliminating joint pains so in other words it helps to improve the quality of your pets life while helping them sleep better.

As one buyer posted that her dog has a bad hip from a injury running. After she sleeps on this bed she doesn’t get up stiff like she does other beds.

Another one said…This has proven to be the best dog bed we have found! We’ve had it for about 6 months now and it’s still GREAT! Our Great Dane loves this bed! We are going to buy another one for our bedroom. I definitely recommend this bed!

If your dog is a chewer and you want the luxury of memory foam for your dog then rest assured they do stock replacement covers for accidents:) Keep in mind that dogs that are hard core ‘nesters’ prefer a plush style bed style.

If your dog seems to like to use a pillow for his head he might like a bolster bed. A bolster bed can also be a good option for a dog that likes to lie on his side, as long as it’s big enough. Dogs who flop down and spread out also love the dog’s balls memory foam bed. It comes in varied shapes

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The Dog’s Balls best selling bed

Kopeks Dog Beds

dog with blue eyesUnlike many of the other dog bed companies which are often smaller family owned and operated Kopeks is a part of the Onix Venture Group which is a holding company that owns exclusive product brands in key, high-revenue industries which includes pet products.


  • Onix Venture Group is the manufacturer and retailer of nearly everything they sell.
  • The obvious advantage for the buyer with this vertical approach is lower “factory-direct” prices, because you’re not having to pay more for any other layers of distribution.
  • Another important advantage is the total control over supply and quality that the company has.
  • Because Onix Venture Group own the entire supply chain they are able to manage inventory and monitor the high quality standards they’ve set without problems.Their company is now able to provide the highest quality products and services to customers in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) and Europe (Spain, UK, France, Italy and Germany).
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Kopek’s top selling dog bed

Dog beds4 less

black and white dogLike so many small businesses Dogbed4less started completely by accident about 12 years go. After being fed up with buying non practical, ugly poor quality dog beds that need to be replaced frequently. This dog owner started to design his own.

  • He would hand-stitch his own dog bed by using the best materials that he could find.
  • That very same concept in making the perfect bed for him has become their signature bed.
  • With no big strategy, no shiny business plan – just a practical, functional, durable and well-designed product that other people also wanted for their dogs.
  • They started their small business because they created something out of the love that they have for their dogs.

That love and passion are at the heart of Dogbed4less.Today they make and sell quality dog beds with durable external zipper cover in full cotton made denim, canvas and suede microfiber fabrics.

Their dog beds are made with memory mix foam stuffing or memory pad that are very resilient, supportive, comfortable and will not flatten overtime.

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Dogbeds4less top selling dog bed