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Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

Waterproof Bolster Beds for Large and Extra Large Dogs

This Bully beds orthopedic memory foam dog bed is a durable pet bed for big dogs.  It’s another great option especially for the larger dog breeds. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. With 81% of buyers giving it 5 stars.

The bed is offered in 4 sizes medium, large, extra large and extra- extra large. You can choose from 2 colors Chocolate and Tan.

The Bully Bed dog bed has been created with large breed dogs in mind and includes a 20 year No Flat warranty.

Help soothe your dogs joints with this bed

German ShepherdIt is manufactured with medical grade orthopedic, non-toxic, joint supporting hypoallergenic memory foam.  It’s a specially designed dog bed to help soothe arthritis, joints and hips.

The bed has a soft, durable and washable outer cover and a 100% waterproof internal cover.  It has that 7″ Thickness – 2.5″ of 4.5 lb memory foam top with 4.5″ of 2 lb support foam base which makes all the difference.

The dimensions of each bed are Medium size is 34” L x 22” W x 4” T. The Large size is 48” L x 30” W x 7” T. The  X-Large is  52” L x 34” W x 7” T. Last but not least the XX-Large is 60” L x 48” W x 7” T

The shipping weight is 7.7 pounds

There  are other sizes and prices available too

orthopedic memory foam dog bed

What buyers of this bed are saying about Bully Beds …

Please note that some are just snipits of much more detailed reviews. So many of the full reviews are really long.


**The only bad thing I have to say about the bully bed is that I waited too long to order one!!! OMG, I swear it’s more comfortable than MY bed! I have a 12 year old English Bulldog, and though he is only 53 pounds, he is at a tender age and deserves a supportive and comfortable bed.

I was concerned with the cost, but if I bought this to begin with, I would have SAVED money!

**I know how my own body appreciates a good supporting mattress. My lab has had surgery on both shoulders and both knees. I found him spending more time lying on the carpet next to his oversized lofty bed. My pet is 110# and I purchased the large. It is perfectly sized and the color is neutral. I like to test the thickness of the best that I buy him by dropping to my knees on it. This is the first one that I did not feel the floor under my knees!

**Great bed, our English mastiff loves it. He took to it right away he sleeps on it all day and night. He’s 150 lbs and doesn’t come close to touching the floor when on it.

**I gave this bed some time to make sure it worked out. So far it is holding up well, and my aging pit bull mix seems to really like it (so do the cats). He is about 85-90lbs and barely makes a dent when laying on this bed.

When I sit on it with him, I don’t even reach the floor at all (its actually thicker than my own orthopedic memory foam bed). This has helped immensely with his degenerative joint disease, arthritis, and spondylitis in his spine.

He is not stiff at all when getting up now and it’s the perfect height for him to get on and off without excess effort.

More comments from buyers…

**First off, Bully Beds are amazing! This bed IS worth the money and the hype. My dog loves it and is able to walk the next day. I have an 8 year old lab with some arthritis in her front joints. This bed is firm and you can tell it’s made to last.

**We tried few beds from a store for our 10 year old GSD with hips problems and arthritis, yet even with pain pills he was getting up with wining and stiff muscles. I also noticed a small bed sore on his hip. Poor boy was for sure uncomfortable.

So I started looking for good orthopedic beds on line, and thanks to all these great reviews I decided to purchase this bed in size XL. But what the difference in sleeping and his behavior! He gets up without whining, ready to play right away, barely any stiffness and his bed sore healed.

The neck support is nice as well, and he likes to keep his head on it. It feels like my dog is a year younger than he is, more energetic and playful. I truly recommend this bed!

than he is, more energetic and playful. I truly recommend this bed!

**My 14 year- old chocolate lab loves her new bed! She is walking better and sleeping better than she was on her older beds. It took her a day or so to get used to it and transition from her old bed but now she doesn’t give her old bed a second look!!

I am very happy to be able to give her a bed of this high of quality in her old age.


**I bought the extra large bed and it is much larger than I anticipated. It is my fault as I should have actually used a measuring tape to see how big it would be. It is very heavy and bulky so it is difficult to move around

**The bed is nice and firm…but the cover quality is complete garbage.

**This bed was too small for my small English bulldog. It was also too hard for her. She has hip dysplasia and wouldn’t even lay on it. The cover was soft and a nice color. Just hoped it would have been better/larger for the price.

**Our dog hates this dog bed. Very disappointed because it was not cheap. He will not lay on it, it is harder than most dog beds and the height is high

**It’s made really well, but my dog just wouldn’t lay on it. It’s really hard

**My 130 pound Rottweiler will barely use the bed. He will sleep on it for a few minutes and then move to the floor. The bed looks and feels comfortable and is very attractive, but my furchild was not impressed!

**Very stiff foam and the cover is a little on the thin side, worried about durability so I keep blankets on it. My bulldog is 112lbs

There you have it…there are lots of very positive comments and some negative they are however few and far between.  Mainly and negative feedback is about the beds being too hard or the pet doesn’t like it. You be the judge

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