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Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow Review

A snuggle friendly bed for your pet

Kopeks constructed this sofa lounge dog bed with superior quality orthopedic memory foam. It has a 3inch pillow and includes a waterproof inner protector & removable cover.

Customer have reviewed the bed and given it  4.4 out of 5 stars. 76% of the buyers have gave it a full 5 stars.

They offer the bed in 3 sizes small, large and extra large and there are 2 colors to choose from, either chocolate or grey.

white shaggy dogYour pet will love its snuggle friendly soft micro-suede cover. It will make for cozy  sleeping for your pet. It’s good that the two water-resistant zippered covers can be washed easily. It’ll protect floors against messes

The dimensions of the extra large sized bed are 50”L x 34”W x 7” thick memory foam with a 3” thick head rest. The small size is 25″L x 20″W x 3.5″ thick memory foam and 1.5″ thick head rest. The large size is 35″L x 28″ W x5.5″ thick memory foam and 2.5″ thick head rest.

This Kopeks dog bed is made with hypo-allergenic premium  memory foam which will be helpful for some pets.  It’s not constructed from egg crate foam or other orthopedic non-memory foam. The foam material used compares to therapeutic foam found in high end mattress stores.

A bed for pets with arthritis, joint and muscle issues

The beds interior cover has a double layer of protection. Also its interior zippered cover is made of waterproof  fabric and the exterior cover is soft plush suede.  It’s a durable bed, plus to save slipping and sliding it has an anti-slip rubber bottom zippered cover.

Another good feature is that the bed has reinforced stitching for added durability.

Shipping weight for this dog bed is 16.5 pounds.

orthorthopedic dog bed with pillow

There are other sizes available

What buyer of this bed have to say...Please note that some comments are snipits of bigger reviews, so many of the full reviews are really long.

Pro’s of this Kopeks dog bed

**This bed is wonderful! We have a senior dog who is 12 years old, she’s always had some bladder issues, but we controlled it with medication. Now, as she’s getting older, incontinence is becoming more of an issue. Where she would “leak” before, she just full on urinates during the night now.

My husband came across this bed, and we decided to give it a shot. It was a little more than I anticipated spending on the bed, but it has been worth every penny. We’ve only had the bed for about a week, and we’ve already had to wash it multiple times.

 The cover is very easy to remove and wash.

The liner is 100% water proof, and can be wiped clean with a Clorox or baby wipe. The best part, after you clean the bed, it actually smells clean, there’s no trace of urine.

**A great find cannot- beat the price.

Product is as exactly as described. my 9 year old 140lb mastiff who has hip dysplasia and arthritis LOVES IT. Was snoring 5 minutes after he walked onto it. a great value compared to high dollar brand beds.

The downside is increased snoring and vocal rabbit chasing dreams of my dog. 🙂 I will be buying another smaller model for my pit mix.


when my 12 year old 55lb baby is on it at all. I laid on it with her and it held up great. I have a new spare bed 🙂

**It’s a very nice bed and it is huge. Seriously, it would make great extra bed to keep around for children sleepovers. It is that big! Its very thick and doesn’t squash to the floor even with an adult sitting on it. My Lab, Chihuahua and I sat on it the first day we got it to watch TV:)

**It hasn’t lost any of its thickness with use. No odors to get aired out and it puffed up to it’s full size within a day. I would highly recommend.

**I bought this bed for my eight year old 110 pound Great Dane/pit mix. The bed is good looking, well made, and I’ve found it to be waterproof, unlike some reviews I read. My four month old puppy peed on it the first night (claiming it as his own, I suspect), and I just wiped it off the surface.

**This bed is fantastic.

My 12-year-old husky has slept on my memory foam bed for years. He would spend 90% of his day on this bed. Recently, he started to have trouble getting up and down the stairs.

Eventually we put up a baby gate as he kept getting stuck upstairs and we’d have to carry him down. I went through a few dog beds before I found this one. It’s perfect.

 It’s HUGE, it’s incredibly comfortable

(100% comparable to my memory foam bed – it’s not that egg crate foam or anything. This is high quality stuff.), and it has a nice little pillow/ridge at one end.My baby loves it – it’s a perfect substitute for our bed, and it’s the best quality for his old joints.

I’m so happy that I found this amazing bed.

Con’s of this dog bed…

**NOT waterproof, despite title saying it is. Minor accident by elderly dog less than 2 months after purchase leaked through to inner core.

**After four days it’s still flat. Definitely not 7″ thick either. We have one of the popular BB brand beds which was twice the price of this bed. I really wanted this one to be the same quality and save a ton of money.

The bed’s mainly just foam but apparently all foam isn’t created equally.

Liner protects the foam mattress

**I have a VERY mixed review of this item. My 120 lb puppy likes laying on the bed. One thing I like is that It’s firm and had good support.  And that it has a liner that protects the foam mattress in addition to the removable cover. That’s the good.

The bad is that the baffle/pillow never fully filled out.  (I did contact the seller and they told me it took a bit longer, but two months later, it’s still only partially inflated).

A couple more comment…

**Bought this after searching for a really thick Ortho mattress for my 125# dog. Was thrilled with the size and density. However, 2 days after beginning to use the bed the cover tore right in the center.  I’m very disappointed.

**Unfortunately this bed did not ever fully expand. And this is the second one I tried! Bought the first one and returned it after the memory foam failed to expand on one side. Amazon Customer Service was great about the return.

Because the foam had expanded in the pillow area and half of the bed I could not fit it back in its original box. All I had to do was wrap it in plastic (like painters’ drop cloths) and they arranged for UPS to come pick it up with a prepaid label.

I hope this information proves to be helpful.  It’s obvious that this dog bed is a great choice for most of the buyers, it’s not the right bed for everyone!

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