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Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler Dog Bed Review

Luxury shag fuax fur donut pet bed

This cuddly and soft donut cuddler dog bed is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with 80% of buyers giving this bed a full 5 stars.

The bed is offered in 4 sizes 23×23, 30×30, 36 x36, and 45×45. There’s a choice of 2 colors taupe an frost.

As I was researching the best beds to review I was torn between two of the Best Friends pet beds.  The reason I chose to write about the donut bed is because it has a slightly higher rating.  However the the deep dish cuddler bed had more sales.

I’m actually recommending both of these beds.

I will also leave a link and an image for this other bed further down the page.

Cold, hard floors make it difficult for your dog to get comfortable. This can diminish your pets sleep quality and worsen joint pain, and can lead to less than optimal health and behavior. The bed features a round design that creates a cozy and protective atmosphere for pets.

A Best friends bed that supports better sleep.

small dog laying on th floorThanks to its round shape, this high quality donut cuddler puppy bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides pets with head and neck support. The super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

This donut bed provides superior comfort for your pet.  It’s cozy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur, the self-warming luxury dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow.

Restful sleep for improved behavior and better pet health.

The beds versatile design is a real plus and is available in beautiful natural colors.  These dog beds are a seamless addition to any room’s décor! They’re finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms which helps prevent accidental messes from reaching your floors.

These bed are manufactured with pet safe materials. The durable nylon and luxurious faux fur come together to create dog mattresses that are as practical as they are comfortable. To minimize pet odors and excess hair every dog bed is safe in the washing machine and dryer.

It is suggested the 23” bed for cats or small breeds up to 25lbs. For medium dogs up to 45lbs choose the 30” bed and the 36” bed for large dog breeds up to 100lbs.

Dogs faux fur donut bed

Why ​choose the  shag donut cuddler dog bed?

  • Orthopedic and joint support
  • Provides warmth and safety
  • Water-resistant bottom
  • Safe in the washer and dryer
  • Made with pet-safe materials

For an extra layer of comfort and luxury these beds feature pet-safe faux fur and water-resistant nylon. Not only does it help keep animals cozy on cold nights, but the extra filling also provides relief from joint and muscle pain.

Shipping weight is 7.2lbs

The fuax Fur Donut Pet Bed is available in other sizes and prices

What buyers of the donut cuddler bed are saying

Pro’s of this dog bed

** Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it!

We bought the small size. It’s incredibly soft and well padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that she can “burrow” into them.

** We had just got back from the dog park when the package was waiting at the door. As soon as I opened it up, she thought it was a giant toy, but then immediately came in and slumped, falling asleep before we had time to give her dinner.

She hasn’t tried to eat it yet, so that’s nice. We ordered a medium for her, a jack russel/pit thick little lady. Its big enough for me to awkwardly lie inside with her and watch her sleep, so yeah. Pretty perfect. I’m sure she would leave this review if she could.

** Pup went right in the bed and curled up.

He is about 55lbs. Its a very soft and attractive bed. Thinking of getting another for the living room.

** my chihuahua loves it! She has a couple beds to lay on throughout my house and this is the bed she always chooses. Its very soft and cozy. I will most likely buy another one when the small size is available again. Great buy!

**saw one of the questions that asked if a border collie would fit in the large bed. The answer is yes! Our boarder collie loves her new bed and our Jack Russell even curls up in it with her! (Even though he has his own bed) this is a very soft and cozy bed.

** My dog loves his bed.

My sister thought it was super expensive but the price is very reasonable for the quality. The bed in this picture is the 30×30.

** This is just what I was hoping, a snuggly bed with back and sides for getting cozy. The faux fur is so soft and plush, it looks like a chic accessory on our living room rug. It’s extra cute to see my furry doggy in a furry bed!

My dog LOVES it. At first I thought he would destroy it because he was biting and licking it, but he relaxed and now just sleeps in it. Don’t know how it holds up to washing or time, as we’ve only had it a few weeks.

More reviews on this pet bed

** I have to say, I’m incredibly happy with this bed. I have a 6 month old beagle/hound mix and he absolutely loves it. Keeping him off the couch when we’re not in the living room was a bit of a challenge, but with this bed he has zero interest in going on any of the furniture unless it’s to lay with us.

** This bed is amazing! SOOOOO SOFT and very well made. My dogs love this bed!

The dog bed that doesn’t look like a dog bed

** I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone is giving this bed a 1 star review. I’m someone who is diligent about reading other people’s feedback before buying an item, so the reviews matter. I was looking for a dog bed that didn’t look like a dog bed.

I have a terrier mix, about 14 pounds,18 inches long.  Who’s been using the same ugly brown/tan (you know, the typical dog product colors you find in the store) bed for the last 3 years. I’m redoing my apartment, and the thing was such an eyesore.

I decided to see if I could find anything that didn’t scream ugly. For reference, I bought the smallest bed – 23×23, because I didn’t want it to take up too much space. First, I got it a week sooner than was estimated. Second, I was a little worried when the bed showed up flat in an air-sealed bag.

I was surprised when I opened it up and took it out of the plastic.  It took almost no manipulation for the bed to become it’s intended shape.

* * My dog loves these beds more than any bed he’s ever had

We bought. two – one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Now he just happily cuddles with these all day. I’m so happy that this purchase has improved his little dog life.

Very happy with this purchase!These also both look trendy as opposed to other dog beds. We don’t have to hide them when we have company.

Cons of this dog bed

** The actual center of the bed could use additional filling, particularly right in the middle – it was rather flat in this area. Unlike the sides which were super plush. I ordered the smallest size for my dog and he doesn’t even take up half of it. It’s way bigger than I expected (unless I received the wrong size).

The fluffy material is extremely soft and I was impressed with this aspect of the bed. I would not, however, recommend this bed if you plan to keep it clean.

The bed is fluffy

** It’s fluffy like it looks but there is no padding on the bottom on ones I received. I have to put something under it so the dog isn’t on the hard floor.

** My pup found a big seam and immediately chewed a hole in this bed. It didn’t last an hour. I contacted the company and was told there was nothing they could do about the problem. I recommend a sturdier bed, which is unfortunate because I loved how cozy this bed appeared!

** I loved this bed and so did my Dolly, the Cavachon puppy. However, the first time I washed it on delicate cold water and ran it through the dryer on air only. And the bed came out perfect. The second time, it came out a gummy mass with only the inside pillow retaining the shaggy fur.

I’m very disappointed as the bed was such a favorite.

While this bed has many 5 star reviews there are also some negative comments giving this product  its overall 4.5 star rating.

The main negative comments I see are that the bed could do with more fill in a specific area. Also that some have had issues with the washing and drying of this bed. A couple of other comments wish they had got a bigger size as they found it was smaller than they thought.

Personally I would say that these beds may be better for more gentle type dogs.  It may not be the best choice of bed for dogs that tend to be a bit hyper.  Also not for chewers that tend to like to destroy things.

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