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PetFusion Large Dog Bed Review

A bed for medium & large dogs

This bed is the top seller for pet fusion it’s constructed with Solid 4″ Memory Foam. It has a waterproof liner with YKK premium zippers. The ultimate gray lounge bed for pets made with breathable cotton blend and easy to clean. This dog bed is actually suitable for all sized dogs .

There are 4 sizes to choose from: small 25×20″ large 3×28″ extra large 44×34″ and XXL jumbo 50×40″

Offered in solid colors of chocolate brown, sandstone (with plush) and slate grey. This Petfusion dog bed is rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars with 83% of buyers giving it a full 5 stars.

This bed can hold a 100 lb dog comfortably

Dalmation DogIt’s a bed that is ideal for medium, large or multiple smaller dogs. It can comfortably hold 100lb plus.

Made with premium components using solid 4 inch memory foam to foster better health and overall comfort to support your dog with its mobility, by reducing joint and arthritis pain.

The beds recycled support bolster is generously filled for comfort. Durable polyester and cotton and twill fabric. The cover fabric is certified as skin contact safe!

An easy to clean dog bed

Its water resistant and tear resistant cover and no slide bottom base and bolster provide optimal support and security. Plus you can get replaceable Covers.

It’s an easy to clean bed with a removable machine washable cover.

You can also spot clean when it gets grubby and when you want to remove pet hair and small mishaps. Never use bleach when washing and also tumble dry on low.

​The company offers peace of mind as this passes stricter European safety standards.

​There’s a 4 months warranty on any parts broken due to manufacturer defect.

The bed shipping weigh 14.9 lbs.

big dog bed

What people are saying about the Petfusion bed

Please note that some here are snipits of bigger reviews as so many of the full reviews are really long…

**This bed is great for a dog like a retriever. When you take the bed apart for washing or changing a cover it’s easy to put back together. If you dog likes extra room or doesn’t like the bolster arms you can remove them.

You can remove each part of this dog bed

**What I personally love most about this bed is that you can remove each part. The bolster, memory foam base, water-resistant liner (for the base) and the actual cover. This makes washing it a breeze.

The fabric cover for the bolster foam isn’t paper-thin like our last dog bed (which ripped). The memory foam base is actually memory foam (not that egg crate material) and it has its own separate water-resistant cover.

This is handy in case of any accidents. And the actual cover seems very durable (our dogs like to scratch at the bed before settling in).

**I have an 80 lb lab mix who absolutely loves this bed.

As soon as I got the foam cushion in and put it on the floor, he trotted right over and laid down. It’s very simple to put together.

I definitely recommend following the suggestion on the directions.  Put the foam cushion in right away before it has a chance to fully inflate. The cover fits snug around the cushion and “head rests”.  So there is little chance for snagging/tearing on the dog’s nails.

**My 85lb dog loves his bed!

Great quality and the memory foam seems to hold up really well. Spent over 2 months researching for a durable, comfy bed and glad I found this.

**My pup loves this bed! He is 92 pounds, and I was debating for a few days between the XL and Jumbo size. I read a ton of reviews before buying, so I know how important this is! I went with jumbo and I’m glad I did.

It is huge, like some of the reviews said but my dog loves to stretch out when he sleeps and he fills up pretty much all of the jumbo.

I think it’s important when you’re deciding on a size to not just think about the weight.  But also the length of your dog, his arms/legs and his sleeping style.

**I purchased this bed for my 13 year old yellow lab he weighs 75 lbs and fits perfectly. He’s always sat in whatever room we are in no matter what.  And since we got this bed for him, he’ll often leaves us to go sleep in it.

Dogs love the pillow

He loves the pillow too.The quality of the foam is fantastic. Very supportive and soft at the same time. I have no issues fitting it into the slip cover. If you put the flat part in before the pillow it is easily zipped up.

It is helpful to have a second person, but not necessary.

**Very pleased with our purchase. We have a 65 LB German Short haired Pointer and he loves this bed. It’s probably his favorite. I debated heavily over which size bed to buy, and went with the large size.

It works and he’s not complaining, but in hindsight he would probably like the smaller one better. With the large bed he usually ends up in a corner because he loves the sides of the bed.

**The sides are the best part because our dog loves to perch his head and the height is perfect. If your dog sprawls out when he sleeps, I’d get the large. Extra large seems like it would be enormous.Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the material is great.

This bed is not flimsy and has a stable cushion.

Other beds we’ve bought seem to lose their shape, but not this one. We’re very pleased and might buy another one for another room. (We like spoiling our dog with many bed options throughout the house).

**We’ve had this product for 4 months now and he still loves it as much as he did the first day! The bolster surround is the best, when he’s lounging he usually has his head on it for support.

During storms and when he’s scared we back it semi fits in his crate with the open side facing the wall and it makes him feel safe and secure! He’s almost 11 years old and was in dire need of something that was comfortable.

**If you are thinking of a bed for multiple dogs sharing one purchaser said they got this bed for 2 dogs weighing approx 10 -15 lb each.  It is the perfect size giving both dogs room to comfortably sprawl out. The bed base is covered with a durable fabric.

Here are more customer reviews
Cons of this bed

**I do have to say it was a pain in the butt to put the mattress in the bottom part.  And I initially unzipped the wrong part because I didn’t see the other zipper for the mattress. And the upper zipper got caught where I almost ripped the top pillow inside.

Pro… My dogs love it and all fit (3 small dogs and one medium-sized dog) and my cat liked it, too 😉

**My 50 pound springer spaniel fits nicely into a large bed with extra room for circling and changing positions. He loves this bed and uses the rolled top all the time to rest his head on. Seems to be a good bed.

I’ve washed and dried the cover and it laundered well.

My problem is that the fabric catches and holds dog hair, and it’s visible. Slobber stains also show. I bought gray.

Other pet beds we’ve owned either don’t adhere so much hair, or it’s not visible. This is the reason I gave it only 3 stars. I’d MUCH prefer a different fabric cover that’s more forgiving.

**I’m not a dog, and I don’t get dog brains. I have five dogs and have had about 10 beds. This one looks great, it feels great, and the dogs use it as a chew toy.

**(1) Memory foam mattress has a strong chemical smell, but this will dissipate in few days.(2) I don’t quite understand why dog beds are so crazy expensive. It’s just fabric and foam!

This is priced just fine relative to competitors, but it seems like they are all priced very high.GENERAL NOTES:(1) The gray looks a bit darker in person than it did in the product listing.

That’s whether viewed on my laptop or smartphone. It’s a medium-dark gray, almost a charcoal.

I was pleasantly surprised…

as it looked lighter online. Hides the fur very well. And, if they’re not busy destroying it, they sleep in it. One problem, the cover is NOT waterproof. It is water resistant.

One dog got sick and the cover was saturated by the time it was noticed. After washing and drying, it looks ok, but I’m sure a dog can smell it.

**I purchased the large bed last year for my aging 70-lb Lab/Golden cross. Because of the price jump between the large and extra large, I measured my dog. I wanted to ensure appropriate sizing before spending the money.

Measure your pet  before you order the bed

Based on her measurements and the posted measurements of the beds, it appeared she would fit snugly in the large with little ample space.  And when she curled up, she’d have ample space. So, I ordered the large bed.

But when I received it the bed the measurements were smaller than what was posted in the ad. So, instead of being a snug fit when she lay in it, she was uncomfortable. My dog was hanging off of it in several different positions.

-A good tip one purchaser of this dog bed shared. In order to save the bed and have longer use out of it they covered the mattress with a sheet.  This saves the mattress and it’s much easier to just wash the sheet than dismantle the bed and put it back together again.

Also that the size and positioning of the bolsters works exceptionally well.

-As this dog bed has such a high rating there are tons of pros ​but not that many cons. All in all this dog bed seems like a winner with most buyers.

You can read a few negative comments about the bed.  However most of the other bed purchasers didn’t find the same issues mentioned a problem.

I hope this information is helpful!

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