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The Dogs Balls Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

Memory foam therapeutic supportive pet bed

This premium orthopedic dog bed is constructed with memory foam. It has washable covers and it’s offered in 5 sizes small 28x9x4, medium 34x22x4, large 40x25x6,  extra large 46x28x6,  XXL 54x36x6.

You have a choice of 7 color options, brown plush, gray plush, black trim, blue trim, gray with green trim, gray with orange trim or gray with pink trim.

The Dogs Balls Bed is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars with 78% of buyer rating it at 5 stars.

The large size bed is 40” x 25” x 6” it has a Grey Faux Fur top with Suede sides

Helps ease arthritis, hip dysplasia & post surgery pain

Big black and white dogIt has a waterproof protective inner and a durable hypoallergenic plush/suede fabric outer.

The 6 inch mattress consists of a 4” base which is constructed from high stability premium foam and 2” of premium grade, high density, extremely comfortable, high-care, orthopedic memory foam.

The dog’s bed is protected from accidents and incontinent issues be a waterproof removable and washable inner. You have to wash the cover & inner separately with the zipper closed. Do this preferably by hand or on a gentle wash cycle.

The pet bed made is with mold resistant fabric

The fabric used is resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites – replacement covers are available from amazon.

The premium grade memory foam and support foam in this dog bed is tested by experts. This is to provide your dog with a sleeping experience in line with 5 star hotels whilst providing uniform and contour-balanced support.

This excellent medical grade orthopedic support is ideal for older dogs. It provides therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia.  Also helps aching joints by contouring perfectly to your dog for maximum comfort and a sound night’s sleep

This bed is suitable for all dogs of all ages.

It’s particularly suitable for those dogs who love to stretch out and laze about. It  offers these pets probably the world’s most comfortable and luxurious sleeping bed

Like humans all dogs have different sleeping styles. Before you purchase a dog bed, observe your dog in his sleeping position. For dogs that are kind and gentle to their beds then memory foam is worth the extra cost.

dog bed from the dogs balls

The Ultimate Dog Bed.

In response to body heat and pressure our premium bed molds to your dog’s body evenly distributing their body weight, returning to its original shape once your dog leaves.

Memory foam offers the highest level of support and comfort. If your dog is a chewer and you want the luxury of memory foam for your dog then rest assured the company stock replacement covers for any accidents that may occur.

Is your dog more of a nester?

If your dog happens to be a nester than he or she will probably prefer a plush style bed. Or if your dog like to use a pillow for his/her head they may like a bolster bed.

What buyers of the dogs bed have to say:

Please note that some comments are snipits of reviews that are as so many of the full reviews are really long.

Pro’s of the Dogs Balls dog bed

**Purchased this bed for our dog to use after TLPO knee surgery. So far its been great. She has to stay confined for 6-8 weeks, so she is spending lots of time on it and she seems comfortable on it all day. She is a 67lb boxer/pit and she has plenty of space to stretch out on the XL. Cover is easy to put on and remove. She laid down on it as soon as we opened it and put it on the floor.

This has proven to be the best dog bed we have found!

**  **Update** We’ve had it for about 6 months now and it’s still GREAT! Our Great Dane loves this bed! We are going to buy another one for our bedroom once I can get over spending another $110 on a bed! I definitely recommend this bed!

**A bit more firm than I was expecting, but my dog likes the bed. It’s difficult to find a bed that’s not only big but thick as well. I have a 110lb Labrador, and I wanted something big for her size, but I wanted it to be thick to have cushion for her hips.

**Well Mojo loves it. Out 11 yr old boy laid right on it. Its Firm enough to make it easier for him to get up and out of but soft enough for comfort. His back legs have gotten much weaker making it difficult to get up and down in the past year.

Its tough for an 100lb Labradoodle!! i was hesitant at 1st to pay a bit more for a bed but this one is worth it!

This bed is amazing! It’s very thick and comfy

**I ordered this bed for my dog who was hit by a car and needed surgery on his front leg.  I cuddle with him on it every day and kinda want one for myself! I also bought one for the kennel of my senior labradoodle

**This bed took a full day to expand to 6 inches but it was well worth the wait. I had it fully ready for my German Shepherd after a day at the Vets having minor surgery and it was perfect for him to recuperate on.

Since then he no longer wants to sleep on my bed, he goes right for this when it’s time to go to sleep. I love that the cover is removable and washable and the bed liner is waterproof.

Con’s of this dog bed

**Our dog was immediately drawn to the bed, but the bed we received is 3 inches shorter than the product description and 1 inch narrower. When our dog lays on the bed, it compressed much more than expected.

**The bed looks great, the dog loves it, and it fits inside of his dog crate perfectly … but it is ABSOLUTELY *NOT* waterproof as advertised.

Our 7 month old Great Dane was unexpectedly sick while we were at work, and the entire bed was ruined. It soaked completely through both covers, right into the foam base.

I like that they are available with a canvas cover

and there are replacements covers available. Price was good, good workmanship. I would purchase these again. Dogs don’t want to leave them.

**I really like the bed, But… it is too narrow! The dog is half falling off when sprawled out. Length is good, too bad so narrow. Go up a size & you only gain 3 inches in width, big deal! I guess I’ll have to get the XXL bed, except that’s so huge you can get two dogs on it.

**I bought this bed for my elderly dog. It’s great quality and I thought it was going to be a hit. She wouldn’t lay on the bed. Even after my husband and I encouraged her onto it several times, she would move as soon as we walked away.

She had a few seizures so I thought this would be a good choice for her

**It’s a decent enough memory foam mattress, but my experience is that it’s distinctly not waterproof (or more important, urineproof). The “waterproof” liner isn’t, it’s just lightly water resistant. A mere half hour after my geriatric dog peed on it? Soaked through.

**The foam is very soft, not a quality foam by any means. Top of the cover is so thin it looks like screen, definitely not worth the high price. And I purchased an additional cover. We’ll see how well the top holds up to daily cleaning of retriever hair.

As is usual people have conflicting experiences with this dog bed. The very things some people rave about with the bed are the same things others are disappointed with.  And things they feel are not up to par. There are way more happy buyers than unhappy ones.

It’s rare to find a product where everyone gives it top marks but there are some.

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